Michael Granderson

Executive Director

For me this is coming home after graduating from Bolton High School in 1973. I'm beginning my 42nd year spent in service first as a lobbyist, firefighter, teacher, coach, program coordinator, principal and director. 


I believe life is a journey, a process, and a discovery. It reveals to us not only the world but our purpose in it. We are shaped by our passions, our struggles, and our beliefs.  A well-lived life brings us face to face with ourselves and who God is to us. 


I believe HLCC is an open door to new experiences; relationships; and opportunities to give, receive, and share our journeys. 

Our goal is to further develop HLCC as a center dedicated to the living actions of faith.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Matthew 25:31-46

James    2: 14-20


My wife Kristin and I have been married for over 40 years and have raised two children: Marques of Denver CO, and Karesa of San Jose, CA 

I enjoy cooking, music, reading, sports, and the sound of laughter!!


Billy Brown

Assistant Director

A former business executive and Marine Corps recruiter and athlete, Billy has spent nearly 24 years working to encourage and motivate students to make positive life choices and decisions.  An Atlanta native, he has dedicated nearly 10 years of service to volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America and supporting community organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs in both Atlanta and Memphis. 


Billy has a heart that is on fire for the Lord and over the last year has worked diligently to develop HLCC's athletic ministry. He has done a phenomenal job of building our Men and Teen Open Court Basketball Programs on the weekends. Under his leadership, we now welcome a community of men and teens into our Center to "hoop" and participate in a weekly devotion every Sunday afternoon. Billy enjoys reading and long walks with his wife in his off time.

Foundational Pillars
How we will govern ourselves: